Engineering Projects

Dr. Shah has worked on a wide variety of projects. His work has included:

  • Design and analysis of HVAC systems for all type of buildings and facilities including healthcare, commercial, industrial, institutional, and power plants.
  • Design and analysis of large chilled water systems.
  • Thermal energy storage  systems
  • Substitution of refrigerants to meet environmental regulations
  • Turbine inlet air cooling for combined cycle plants
  • Heat transfer and fluid flow analyses.
  • Computer modelling for energy analysis, pipe networks, and fire protection

 The major HVAC system designs he worked on include:

  • A dozen nuclear and fossil fuel power plants such as Shearon Harris, Watts Bar, and Laguna Verde..
  •  Fulton Street Transit Center in New York City, a billion dollar project.
  •  New World Trade Center in New York City, a muti-billion dollar project

His engineering work has included design of large chilled water systems,substitution of refrigerants to meet environmental regulations, turbine inlet air cooling systems for power plants, thermal energy storage systems,combined cycle systems, etc.

Some of his projects in various types of facilities are listed in the tables below.


Project Name

Project Description

Floor Area, ft2

Total Project Cost, $

Work Done

VAMC, Providence, RI, Conversion to Recirculation

Study of converting 100% outdoor air system in hospital to recirculation

Studied the technical and economic feasibility of converting the 100% outdoor air system to recirculation system.

Queens Hospital, Jamaica, NY

Design HVAC systems for wards and emergency department.

Designed HVAC systems for psychiatric ward, medical surgical ward, and emergency department. Computer modeling for LEED certification.

NYPH CHONY Microbiology Lab

Designed supplementary cooling system

The lab had insufficient cooling in several areas. Designed a variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system to correct the problem.

Lincoln Hospital, Bronx, NY

Renovation of psychiatric ward

Designed HVAC system for the renovation of one floor of the psychiatric ward. The work included conversion of recreation area to diagnostic and examination rooms, introduction of VAV system, and new AC unit.

Veterans Administration Medical Center, West Haven, CT

Upgrade of medical gas system

Prepared designs for bringing the medical gas systems of this old hospital upto current codes and standards. Essentially, the plan is phased replacement of all medical gas piping and equipment in the Hospital. Manager for this project..

Veterans Administration Medical Center, West Haven, CT

Repair  and upgrade steam system piping in crawl spaces.

The project involved inspection of existing steam and condensate systems and preparing designs for repairs and upgrades. Designs include provision of instrumentation for remote monitoring of steam traps, flows, pressure and temperature. Project Manager.

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, New London, CT

Evaluate MEP systems for present facilities and expansion

Evaluated systems by field inspection and study of drawings. Recommended modifications to increase cooling capacity and to improve efficiency through measures such as co-generation.

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Installation of new radiography machine

Designed modifications to HVAC system.

Jacoby Hospital, Bronx, NY

Additional air conditioning for data center

Provide consultation for the installation of additional air conditioning for the Hospital’s data center.

New Hospital, in Port Moresby, Papua-New Guinea

Perform preliminary study for  a new 300 bed Hospital in Port Moresby

Developed preliminary designs for a state of the art hospital considering alternative energy sources such as wind and solar energy, waste recycling, , co-generation, etc.

New Hospital in Wabag, Papua-New Guinea

Design of a new hospital

Developed conceptual design for a 600 bed new hospital in this remote area. The design emphasized keeping cost low and maintenance at a minimum

Intensive Care Units at King Faisal Hospital

New 15 bed PICU, 29 station NICU, 19 bed MSICU, and related facilities



Design of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and medical gas systems.  Supervised construction of all mechanical systems

Day Surgery Building at King Faisal Hospital

New building including 6 operating rooms, 4 procedure rooms, 8 preop. beds, 50 recovery stations, and offices.



Design of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and medical gas systems.  Supervised construction of all mechanical systems

Tower #1 at King Faisal Hospital

New 9 story medical building with 11 operating rooms, wards, CSSD, dialysis stations, etc



Design of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and medical gas systems.(preliminary)

A, B, C Wards Expansion at King Faisal Hospital

New 4-storey extension of existing wards.  This includes 120 patient beds and 16 CCU beds



Design of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, and medical gas systems

Hemodialysis Building at King Faisal Hospital

A new outpatient facility for hemodialysis with 20 stations



Design of HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems.  Supervised construction of all mechanical systems

Renovation of  Operating Rooms at King Faisal Hospital (KFH)

Renovation of 25 year old operating rooms to bring them to modern standards

Modification and upgrade of HVAC, plumbing, medical gas and fire protection systems

Renovation of A, B, C Wards  at KFH

Renovation of 25 year old wards to bring them to modern standards


Modification and upgrade of HVAC, plumbing, medical gas and fire protection systems



Project Name

Project Name

Project Description

Floor Area, ft2

Total Project Cost, $

Work Done

Evaporation from swimming pools

Modelling of  evaporation from swimming pools in hotel rooms

Provided consultation for modeling of evaporation from swimming pools in a luxury hotel with natural ventilation, as part of energy usage simulation.

CIGNA Condenser Water Study

Study causes of condenser overheating at CIGNA headquarter

Studied condenser water system problems and developed solutions. The system includes over 300 tons of CRAC units serving server rooms and computer rooms as well as centrifugal chillers..

Mathworks Apple Hill 1

Renovation of offices.

Designed new HVAC system using chilled beams. Provided new gas fired boilers and pumping system for hot and chilled serve the present and future needs.

Rutgers Livingstone Housing

HVAC for new student housing buildings in Rutgers University

Designed the central heating and cooling plant to serve the housing. Included three 950 ton chillers, hot water heat exchangers, pumps, buried piping, etc. Also designed stair pressurization system for the buildings.

Chiller Replacement

Replacement of failed chiller at the post office in Bloomfield, NJ

Studied various options for replacement including rooftop DX unit, one full capacity chiller, or two half capacity chillers. Performed energy calculations and life cycle cost analysis.

Fire Department New York E40/L35

Renovation of HVAC system

Investigated causes for unsatisfactory performance of HVAC system. Designed new HVAC system to replace existing system.

Transit Hub for World Trade Center

The Transit Hub provides transit facilities for the new World Trade Center complex, including access to subways and shopping areas.

1 Billion

Prepared flow diagrams for chilled water, hot water, steam, and radiant floor heating systems. Prepared design of the mechanical rooms. Routed chilled water, hot water, and steam piping over the entire project area.

Designed smoke exhaust systems.

Ocean County Jail, NJ

Addition of buildings to existing buildings

Designed plumbing systems including storm drainage for the new buildings

Fulton Street

Transit Center, NY, NY

A new 11 story high facility that provides service to several subway lines and station. Also upgrading of several subway stations.

1 Billion

Designed HVAC systems and smoke management systems for the .Transit Center and stations  Leader of the Mechanical  group for the project. Performed coordination, scheduling, progress report preparation, etc.

Tunnel Project

New tracks and tunnels from Secaucus, NJ, to Manhattan, NY for NJ Transit. Also major extension of Penn Station in Manhattan

6 Billion

Performed peer review of HVAC and smoke management systems designs. Recommended improvements including changes that will save several million dollars.

Washington Metro Transportation Workshop

Expansion and upgrade of railway maintenance and repair workshops

Performed technical quality assurance review of drawings, calculations, specifications, etc.

One Penn Plaza

Renovation of three floors


Designed HVAC systems. Was Project Manager.

Symrise Facility Evaluation, NJ

Infrastructure study for expansion plans of a fragrance manufacturer

Evaluated the impact of expansion plans for offices and laboratories on the HVAC systems. Made recommendations for modifications, relocations, new equipment, and upgrades.

522 Building Evaluation, NY, NY

Evaluation of mechanical systems for a high rise building

Evaluated HVAC systems of a high rise building in Manhattan to determine needs for replacement and upgrade. Served as Project Manager

Newark Schools

Design of HVAC systems for two schools

Designed parts of the HVAC systems

Hospitality Building, King Faisal Hospital

New 3-storey, 96 room motel for patients’ families.



Design of HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems

Administration Building Expansion, King Faisal Hospital

Extension and renovation of existing office building



Design of fire protection system, supervised construction of all mechanical systems

Synagogue HVAC Upgrade

Upgrade of HVAC system for an existing synagogue in New York City

Designed upgraded HVAC system to increase cooling capacity. Very challenging as no changes to the highly decorative interiors were permitted.

Champion Bldg. Cooling Problems

Find causes and remedy of inadequate cooling in parts of Champion Building, Stamford, CT

Performed computer simulation of chilled water network which showed that water flow was reversing in upper stories. Designed modifications.

Computer Server Room Expansion, King

Faisal Hospital

The existing server room was expanded to accommodate 30 new high heat output racks.


Designed HVAC and fire protection systems

521 Fifth Ave Bldg., NY, NY Cooling Upgrade

Study cooling requirements and recommend best way to increase cooling capacity

Additional cooling requirements were found by calculations and field studies.  Alternative ways to increase cooling in this commercial building were considered and recommendations made.

Central Chilled Water System Study, King Faisal Specialist Hospital

Study alternative designs for the new 15,000 ton peak load chilled water system for the Hospital


Studied designs with and without thermal storage. It was concluded that a system with stratified chilled water storage will save $5 million in capital cost and $1.8 million per year in electrical charges compared to a system without thermal storage.

860/870 UN Plaza apartment Bldg. Air Conditioning

Study causes of inadequate cooling in some of the apartments and recommend solution.

Performed computer simulation of the hydronic network.  Found that flow reversal of chilled water was causing inadequate cooling in some apartments. Recommended installation of check valves at cooling coil exit.



Project Name

Project Description

Work Done

Turbine Inlet Air Cooling System

Develop modifications to turbine inlet air cooling sytem for 500 MW combine cycle plant to improve economics and power outpu.

Conducted studies on alternatives such as thermal energy storage, increase in size of chillers, different types of chillers (electric, absorption, steam driven compressors), heat recovery from flue gases from steam generators, alternative refrigerants, etc. Recommendations on optimizing the system were made.

Deluge Sytem for Transformer

Determine water flow requirements for extinguishing fire on a power plant transforner

Performed calculations using HAAS software

Croton Water Treatment Plant, Bronx, NY

Project to treat 290 MGD drinking water. 11 million dollar HVAC system with 2000 ton refrigeration and 100,000 cfm dehumidification

Designed HVAC systems for various facilities in the plant including process areas, offices, workshops, and laboratories. Designed smoke control systems for the facility.

Somerset Unit 1

New 600 MW coal fired power plant in Somerset NY

Designed HVAC and ventilation systems for all facilities including boiler room. turbine room, control room, flue gas desulphurization system, etc.  Prepared specifications and system descriptions,

Laguna Verde Unit 1 and 2

New 1150 MW twin BWR nuclear power plant in Mexico

Designed HVAC systems for all facilities. Performed advanced analyses such heat load in reactor cavity, temperature rise on loss of cooling.  Prepared specifications, system descriptions, and safety analyses.

Heavy Water Reactor Facility for Department of Energy

New plant for production of tritium and plutonium. 

Designed and developed systems for recovery of tritium from air.  This was the first time such systems were to be manufactured and used in USA.  Designed HVAC systems.

Tank Farm Fire Protection, King Faisal Hospital

Design of fire protection system for five tanks containing a total of 600,000 gallons of diesel fuel

Designed fire protection system consisting of fixed monitors, foam system, and sprinklers. Performed hydraulic network analysis to design piping system

Comanche Peak Unit 1

New 1300 MW PWR nuclear power plant

Designed HVAC systems.  Performed advanced engineering analyses such as pressure transients due to closing of fire dampers, temperature transients due to loss of cooling, etc.

Shearon Harris Unit 1

New 1300 MW PWR nuclear power plant

Evaluated environmental qualification of electrical equipment

Erie Units 1 and 2

New PWR type nuclear power plant, each unit 1300 MW

Designed and analyzed HVAC systems. Prepared specifications and safety reports

WPPS Units 1 and 2

New PWR type nuclear power plant

Designed and analyzed HVAC systems. Prepared specifications and safety reports

Watts Bar Unit 1

New PWR type 1100 MW nuclear power plant

Performed analyses to determine temperature in the control room following loss of cooling.

Deep Well

Feasibility study for  King Faisal Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Investigated feasibility of installing deep wells to meet needs for irrigation and for domestic water. Needed due to shortage of water.

Solid Waste Incinerator

New medical waste incinerator with heat recovery.

Designed system to install an incinerator to burn medical and other waste produced in the Hospital and to produce steam using the flue gases.